Investing in the common good makes common sense

We believe that businesses are key to creating sustainable solutions for the world’s most pressing social and environmental problems. Buy Good. Feel Good.” is dedicated to building a community of people and organizations who believe that business should have a positive impact on the world. We aspire to make ethical consumption the norm, inspiring all businesses to operate for the common good.

When businesses operate with profit as their sole objective, workers are exploited, the environment is polluted, and our natural resources are depleted. In contrast, social enterprises use business practices to create positive change in the world. They contribute to sustainable development through innovations in healthcare, renewable energy, microfinance, and much more. Social enterprises empower communities and create fair employment opportunities for the world’s poorest and most marginalized groups.

We aspire to live in a world where businesses are leading the development of a healthy, fair, and equitable society. Every purchase we make has an impact. “Buy Good. Feel Good.” connects consumers with the brands that make a difference. Join our Movement and let us change the world, one purchase at a time. As a social enterprise, we are committed to reinvesting the majority of our profits into our operations to grow, support more social enterprises and ensure the fulfilment of our mission.

Our team

  • Rafik Riad Founder

    Rafik Riad, originally from Egypt, has studied and worked globally on policy design and project implementation in the field of international development. 

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  • Amira Girgis Director of Marketing and Communications

    Amira began her career working for the BBC with a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design. Her passion for art and graphic design led her next to a job in advertising at Publicis Groupe Dubai.

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  • Aaliah Carlos
    Aaliah Carlos Partnerships Assistant

    Aaliah graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from York University in 2018. Having studied law and international human rights in her degree, a passion had sparked.

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Our Advisory Board

  • Geoffrey Hogarth

    Geoff Hogarth is a community-minded marketing executive, currently serving as the Vice President of The Pioneer Group. Geoff has served on the boards of the Hamilton Community…

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  • John Marron

    John Marron is Marketing and Retail Manager with Fairtrade Canada, based in Ottawa. John’s career includes more than 15 years sales and account management experience in the consumer products…

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  • Leslie Lawrence

    Leslie Lawrence is Director of Sales at National Event Management; one of Canada’s largest consumer event management companies. Leslie oversees exhibitor acquisition strategy/process…

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