What is Fair Trade?

At it’s core, fair trade is about paying producers a fair wage for the work they do. Many businesses strive to do this by creating direct trading relationships with cooperatives and communities around the world. There are also various organizations that encourage specific fair trade standards and either certify or offer membership to fair trade businesses.

Our Fair Trade Friends

Fairtrade International

  • Standards are set by Fairtrade International, businesses are licensed through Fairtrade Canada
  • Includes social, environmental and economic standards
  • Protects workers rights, including freedom of association
  • Ensures producers were paid a Fairtrade Minimum Price, and includes a Fairtrade Premium to invest in community or business projects
  • Think coffee, tea, bananas, sugar, cocoa, flowers, spices and more!
Fairtrade MARK

Fair Trade Federation

  • The trade association promotes organizations who are fully committed to fair trade
  • Organizations must uphold fair trade principles, including transparent and accountable relationships, safe working conditions, fair wages, environmental stewardship and no child labour
  • Think home decor, artisanal jewelery, unique accessories and ethical fashion!

World Fair Trade Organization

  • The largest global network of organisations representing the Fair Trade supply chain
  • Members include producers, marketers, exporters, importers, wholesalers and retailers that demonstrate 100% commitment to Fair Trade in over 70 countries
  • Get to know the 10 WFTO Principles of Fair Trade

Fair Trade Toronto

  • A volunteer-run organization working to promote Fair Trade in the City of Toronto and unify the Fair Trade community in the GTA
  • Fair Trade Toronto advocates for fair trade around Toronto and actively promotes the various programs offered by Fairtrade Canada
  • Get involved with fair trade in your city!
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