Applying for the Buy Good. Feel Good. Expo

Who visits the Expo?

The “Buy Good. Feel Good” Expo is a hybrid show that attracts thousands of conscious consumers as well as qualified buyers looking to carry and offer ethical products and services in their stores. Our visitors go out of their way to support businesses that positively impact the world.

Who can apply to exhibit at the Expo?

All social enterprises are welcome to apply to the Buy Good. Feel Good. Expo. Businesses that strive to address the social and environmental challenges faced by our societies, are the businesses that we are looking for and would be a good fit for our Expo. Examples include: businesses offering fair trade products, those employing disadvantaged individuals at home or abroad, as well as businesses that promote ethical services such as responsible travel and investment.

When do I hear back about my application?

To preserve the integrity of the Expo we carefully review every application to ensure that the exhibitor’s business model is consistent with our values and those of our visitors. We aim to notify you with our decision within one week of receiving your application.

What happens after I get accepted?

After you get your acceptance notification, you will have 1 week to process your invoice to guarantee your spot at the Expo. Payment is due in full for all applications.

How can I pay for our booth?

Payment of the invoice can be done through credit card, e-transfer, or a mailed cheque.

Do I have to be Fair Trade certified or a B Corporation to exhibit?

No, we do not require third party certification or membership of any sort to be eligible to apply to the Expo. We work closely with Fairtrade Canada, B Corporation and the Fair Trade Federation, and many exhibitors are affiliated, however, this is not a requirement. What we require is that you are a social enterprise and that your core business activities fit with the values and objectives of the Expo.

What are the dates and hours of the 2019 Expo?

Friday, April 12th:

11:30 AM to 4:30 PM Exhibitor Setup

5:00 PM to 9:30 PM  Buyers & VIP Reception (mandatory for all exhibitors)

Saturday, April 13th:

10:00 AM to 6:00 PM Open to the Public Day

6:00 PM to 8:00 PM   Exhibitor Networking Reception (optional)

Sunday, April 14th:

10:00 AM to 5:00 PM Open to the Public Day

What is the Buyers and VIP Reception all about? Do I have to attend it?

The Opening Reception is the kick off of the expo and we invite industry leaders, media influencers, buyers as well as local and federal politicians to preview the Expo. You will be able to sell directly to the guests of the reception as well as make wholesale/ business development connections. All booths are required to be manned during the Opening Reception.

What do my registration fees include?

Your registration fees include rental of (20 feet x 10 feet) OR (10 feet x 10 feet) OR (6 feet x 10 feet) draped space OR a spot in the Marketplace; depending on what size of space you applied for.

We will also provide you with one skirted table and one chair.  You can order extra chairs, tables, display items and electricity from the show’s exclusive suppliers. Order forms will be sent with the confirmation of your space. We will also provide you with 4 exhibitor badges for you and  for those helping you during the Expo and 20 free tickets to offer to your customers and networks.

What other costs should I account for?

During the show you may incur as costs such as booth decoration, access to electricity as well as food and refreshments for your staff. If you are coming from outside Toronto, you should account for transportation and accommodation expenses for you and your staff.

I have never exhibited at the Buy Good. Feel Good. Expo before. What does it look like?

Here is a video that gives an overview of what the Expo looked like in a previous year.

Liability Insurance

Who needs to have liability insurance?

All exhibitors at the “Buy Good. Feel Good.” Expo need to have liability insurance. Proof of insurance should be submitted to show management to be admitted to the show floor.

Where can I get liability insurance?

We can’t provide advice on insurance matters. There are various insurance companies that offer exhibitor liability insurance. A quick internet search should present you with a few options.

What is the required coverage amount?

Please make sure that your liability insurance coverage is at least $1,000,000

We already have ongoing liability insurance. Do I submit a copy of this policy?

Please speak with your insurance provider about adding “The Fair Trade Show Inc.” as an additional insured for the duration of the Expo, then please send the insurance certificate  with this addition.

What is the address I should use for the liability insurance?

The Fair Trade Show Inc.

412-510 King Street East

Toronto, Ontario – M5A 0E5

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