From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, Drew & Erica Gilmour spent their careers working with farmers in developing countries. They learned much, helped a bit, and gained huge respect and affection for people who make food, from grower to artisan. When it was time to leave Kabul, it just seemed natural to the Gilmour’s to pursue chocolate making as it let them connect with farmers, while learning how to craft something they love.

At Hummingbird Chocolate, the goal is to make the most exquisite, sustainably grown cacao. Key to this is the relationship they build with farmers and partners, and transparency and respect throughout the cacao supply chain. It is very, very important to them that the cacao they source is done fairly, ethically, and sustainably. With every cacao bean they source, they are committed to sourcing through direct relationships, supporting sustainable growing practices, and paying farmers well for their amazing beans.

Sourcing Cacao – Their 4 Rules
They, or a fellow chocolate maker they trust, must connect directly with the farmer to ensure:
1) Farmers receive better than Fair Trade prices
2) Cacao is grown sustainably
3) Cacao is farmed ethically and humanely – no child labour
4) Do the right thing
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