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BGFG Expo Keynote Speaker/Nasreen Sheikh: I was a child sweatshop worker

We had the pleasure to welcome Nasreen Sheikh, a former child labourer and founder of Local Women’s Handicrafts, as our Keynote Speaker at BGFG 2019’s Opening Reception.

Nasreen’s incredible story of escaping a life of sweatshop labour and forced marriage reveals the harsh reality of child labour in our international supply chains. Hear from a woman who fought for her human rights and defied a system of gender-based violence and poverty.

Nasreen Sheikh was forced to work in a sweatshop at 9 years old. She sewed garments for 15 hours a day. If she didn’t make her quota, she didn’t get paid $2 that day. She escaped that life. At 21 she was faced with a forced marriage. She escaped that too.

Today Nasreen helps other women escape gender-based poverty and violence through fair trade.



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